Monday, June 17, 2013

My Favorite Blogs

Whenever I present at a professional development seminar, the first resource I point teachers toward is the amazing blog, Free Tech 4 Teachers, as it is my absolute favorite blog for at least three main reasons.  First off, it produces a treasure trove of digital teaching resources and the resources are always tested and annotated by Richard Byrne, the blog's writer, who is an experienced teacher and presenter.   The second reason is the daily flow of resources.  During the work week, there are multiple resources presented on his blog everyday.  There is always something new!  I am always amazed by the amount and quality of the work he does as he is very straightforward and extremely helpful.  Finally, everything he rates and reviews is free!  In the last couple of years, he has made the move to iPad and Android Apps with iPad Apps for Schools and Android 4 Schools.Take a look and see for yourself!
Another great blog is edudemic.  As with Free Tech 4 Teachers, there are tons of resources which are rated and reviewed, but there is also a very strong angle toward the how and why of pedagogy and prevailing and new theories regarding tech in school.  There are lots of tools and lots of information on how and why to use them.  The flow of resources and ed tech articles is constant and very well written and researched.  Check this one out too, it's great!
I follow both on Twitter and I find myself adding resources to my edmodo folders almost everyday.  If you don't have these blogs on your radar screen, you should do so soon!

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