Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Google Docs Create Instant Assessment and Evaluation

I think really good teaching occurs when assessment and evaluation take place as soon as possible and when it's not overly burdensome on the teacher.  I've used Google Docs to handle both issues.  As I tell my students, "It's always good to kill two birds with the same stone."
My best example of instant evaluation takes place during presentations.  I create a template of an evaluation form and have it set up to fill out as the student presents.  I basically take notes and make comments during the presentations.
Here is an example of my presenter eval form--APUSH Final Presentation Presenter Eval Form.
I have built it to mirror the rubric we use for our presentations, which is here--Presenter Rubric.
The idea is to give the students a detailed assessment and evaluation of the different criteria under which they have been judged.  Once they have finished presenting and the next student is getting set up, I finish filling out the form and share it with the student so he/she has an evaluation while the presentation is still ringing in his/her head.  If the students have questions, they can ask when the presentations are over for the day or at the end of class.  I also make sure that I make the rounds at the start of the next class period and have the students pull up the evaluation to make sure he/she has read it and that it makes sense.
Here is an example of a finished eval form--Finished APUSH Final Presentation Presenter Eval Form.
Another benefit I've found with this system is that the kids know unequivocally that I have paid attention to exactly what they were presenting and they know exactly how I felt about it.
As always, feel free to copy these forms and use them as you need!
What do you think?  Do you have other ways of instant evaluation?  If so, I'd like to hear about them.

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