Thursday, June 6, 2013

Getting Started--Why Blog?

Why start a blog?
I would like to write a blog because it will force me to write down my ideas and help me crystallize my theories into words.  By doing this on a blog, I hope to share ideas with people.  I hope to post my ideas, pass on the ideas of others and also gather ideas through this blog.
My experiences through presenting across the county in the last year and becoming more active on Twitter have greatly advanced my ability to gather and disseminate ideas and I see this blog as another step on this journey.
Through all of this, I hope to help my students learn better.  By understanding how I teach well and not-so-well, my students will benefit.  By seeing what others do well, I can adapt my current practices and get better.
In the end, that's what I hope to do overall, get better.
That's why I teach, because it's a constant learning process and I'm constantly working to get better.
Here goes!

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