Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Edmodo--Sharing the Digital File Cabinet, but Better!

I'll admit it.  I still have a file cabinet.  Yes, in that sense, I'm a stereotypical teacher.  I have files in a file cabinet and I rarely look at them.
"But, I have them," I argue!  "They must count for something!  I spent all that time compiling them.  I HAVE to keep them!"
Whew!  Now, I feel better.  I got that off my chest.
However, what about the file cabinet?  It's not going away unless I do something, unless I replace it with something.  What do I do?
I get Edmodo.  That's what I do.  It's my 21st century file cabinet that can be shared with my students, my colleagues, and teachers I see on the road at professional development seminars.  I can organize and reorganize it at the drop of a hat.  I can easily scan my files from my old school file cabinet and make them a part of my Edmodo files (If I don't want to add them to my Edmodo files, maybe I should just throw them away...  It feels good to write those words.  Maybe I actually do that.  Just saying...).
Any time I run into a new and fun or cool resource, I squirrel it away in Edmodo and use it in the appropriate setting.
For me, Edmodo is great for just its folders let alone all the collaboration tools (which are great too, don't get me wrong!).  I have set up my folders to fit my classes and be useful at professional development seminars.  I have links to resources, videos, iPad apps, my assignments, my projects, my rubrics, rubric makers, blogs, how-to resources and anything else I would need in class or in my seminars.  I have organized the folders in a way that I can find everything very quickly whether in front of my class or out on the road.
Another almost equally good aspect is the simplicity of sharing with Edmodo.  If someone wants to see my resources all they have to do is contact me and I can give them the code and they're good to go.  They don't have to borrow a file and return it like the old days.  It's all theirs as soon as they log in.
With that said, if you'd like to use my resources, please contact me on Twitter a@MrKellyIII and I'll take it from there!

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